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Pregnant – Safe Driving - Finally!!

If you knew that the most dangerous place to be while pregnant is behind the wheel or as a passenger in a motor vehicle. What would you do? There is numerous evidence to prove that fact. Studies reported in The Journal of the American Medical Association states that  “Motor vehicle crashes account for four of five deaths that occur among unborn babies of pregnant women who experience trauma”, another article in the same journal states that “Information and Research Needed to Help Reduce Risks to Women and Foetus from Motor Vehicle Injury During Pregnancy”. According to a new study by investigators at the Harborview Injury Prevention & Research Center (HIPRC), “Pregnant women who are hospitalised following motor vehicle crashes are at increased risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes, even if they are not seriously injured or not injured at all. These women are at risk for such difficulties as placental abruption and caesarean section and their babies at risk of respiratory distress syndrome and fetal death”.
All studies conducted conclude one thing, which is “babies do not stand much of a chance in motor vehicle accident, no matter how severe or minor the accident is, babies will suffer some form of injury”.
The Australian and American Colleges of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and other motoring authorities recommend that you “Never place the belt over the abdomen”, belt should be placed low, across the hips and over upper thighs. They must lie snugly over the pelvis.” But this have proven impossible and studies have shown that while driving the seat belt always moved up and rests on the abdomen area.
Until now there has been no way to make a conventional seat belt comply with these requirements. The new “Tummy Shield” is designed to solve this problem, it can be used with standard seat belts found in all vehicles, and it can be easily transferred from one vehicle to another.
Tummy Shield is made of carefully engineered high tensile stainless steel piece weighing nearly 4.5Kgs, it is designed to withstand a pressure of 2tons (2000 kgs) and a cushion made of fire retardant high grade material similar to ones used in aeroplanes and some buses. “Tummy Shield” has undergone vigorous tests in some of Australia’s leading tests facilities, including crash tests at high speeds.
“It is so easy for any woman to use. Quite simply, you secure the cushion to your car seat (done only once) then every time you get in the car, buckle the seat belt as usual then pull the seat belt away at the tummy and place under the hook. Now you are ready to drive with comfort and peace of mind.
“Tummy Shield” should be one of the top items on the list of maternity and pregnancy needs.
Don’t risk it, it only takes a split second
A lifetime of protection starts now!

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Barcode 793573793881
Brand Tummy Shield
Weight 4.9kgs
Available In Grey/Cream
Dimensions 48cm x 46 x 6.5 cm
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