Huggies Crawler Boys Nappies Mega 136 size 3

Huggies Crawler Boys Nappies Mega 136 size 3

Huggies Toddler Boys Nappies Mega 108 size 4

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- The padding inside Huggies nappies is made of a mixture of wood pulp and what
  we call Super Absorbent Material. The Super Absorbent Material is a
  polyacrylate crystal, which absorbs moisture and is the main absorbency
  material in our nappies. This turns into a gel, minor amounts of which can
  sometimes be found on your baby’s skin during use. Don’t worry it will not
  harm your child in any way.
- The nappies are held together by glue.
- Huggies have a cloth like outer cover. Inside the nappy below the liner, there
  is what’s called a surge layer.
- This is made of polypropylene and polyethylene and helps with rapid absorption,
  spreading the urine equally throughout the nappy.
- There is no latex used at all in the manufacture process.
All Huggies Nappies have the Unique 3 Layer Design
1. The first layer is a baby soft liner containing a pure and gentle balm designed to quickly
   draw wetness away from babys skin.
2. The second contains revolutionary surge layers that quickly draw wetness away along
   the super absorbent padding.
3. The third layer is a compact lock-away cell which locks wetness away inside ultratrim
   layers of super absorbent material.
- Difference between boy and girl nappies:
- Because boys and girls have different absorbency needs, Huggies Nappies are
  designed to have absorbency where your baby needs it the most. Boys produce a
  greater concentration of urine at the front of the nappy where girls have a
  relatively even distribution of urine with a slightly higher concentration in
  the middle to the back of the nappy.
- Huggies boy and girl nappies have been developed based on extensive testing
  with both Australian and New Zealand babies to maximise dryness and minimise
  leakage during the day and night for all babies.

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Barcode 9310088006735
Brand Huggies
Age Suitable From 10 - 15kgs
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