Baby Head Rest Washable Cover - Green

Baby Head Rest Washable Cover - Green

Baby Head Rest Washable Cover - Peach

Baby Head Rest Washable Cover - Peach

Baby Head Rest - Peach

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Plagiocephaly, or flat-head syndrome, occurs in newborns and young babies when the back or sides of the head become flat or mis-shapen due to prolonged pressure from flat surfaces like cot mattresses on the skull while baby is asleep, or on their back.

Made from shape memory foam with a soft cotton cover, the Baby-Head-Rest has been developed in Australia in conjunction with health-care professionals. It provides gentle support for baby’s head, eliminating the pressure of flat surfaces, and allows natural head movements in babies 0-4 months of age.

If left on their back for lengthy periods such as during sleep, infants have a greater risk of developing plagiocephaly. The deformity generally develops by two months of age. If a flat spot is noticed within four months of birth, the Baby-Head-Rest may stop it from worsening and can often correct the condition.

The Baby-Head-Rest is not a pillow and does not lift baby’s head. Using the Baby-Head-Rest from day one can dramatically reduce the risk of baby developing Plagiocephaly and the need for corrective helmet therapy treatments.

While it is still uncertain if Plagiocephaly affects the functioning of the brain, it is known to severely affect the physical appearance of a child’s head.

Wearing a specially-made helmet for 22 hours a day can mould the head back into a rounded shape and reverse the effects of plagiocephaly.

Alternatively, parents can take preventative action by using the Baby-Head-Rest during infant’s sleep, or any other time they are on their back, eg. In car seats, on change tables or even playing on the floor.

The Baby-Head-Rest is recommended for use from birth to 4 months though can be used up until baby can roll.

Other steps which can prevent the onset of flat-head include changing the baby’s head position each time they are put to sleep and placing the baby on their stomach during play time.

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Brand Baby Head Rest
Available In peach
Age Suitable From birth to 4 months
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